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1. Anyone can join, doesn't matter who

2. I don't enjoy plain romance or slice of life. Horror such as monsters, zombies, aliens, and anything else you can think of are welcome. I'll also do action/adventure, scifi, apocalypses and anything that's really interesting.

3. My fandoms include: Mr. Robot, Supernatural, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill (Games), Resident Evil (Games and Movies), Sailormoon, Dexter. I don't have many fandoms, so unless you want to delve into those fandoms, it's best to original roleplay with me. I'm also willing to play alternate universe and Mr. Robot is special right now. Play Mr. Robot with me. I want Elliot in my fingers.

4. I don't smut all the time. I prefer to focus on characters, stories and relationship building. I stay away from slash and prefer het. I play mostly males but might want to play a female every now and then. I prefer either a semi-long line or a really long line. I can do short too though.

5. PM me if you want to play with me. We'll take turns getting threads up.

6. That's all, I look forward to playing with you. <3