Sep. 24th, 2016

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The divorce was starting to get to him. Jennifer didn't want to share the kids, she only wanted to give him weekends and that meant he'd have to fight the courts to make sure he had a hand in raising his kids too. He couldn't imagine not having them around all the time. They were his world, he loved them more than he loved his own life and he just..he just couldn't take it.

He decided to stop doing heroin months ago, it was what lead to the divorce in the first place. So, yeah. This whole thing? His favorite, very much his fault but he felt Jennifer could be a little more sympathetic. He wasn't even sure why he started doing such a hard drug but his therapist felt they needed to get to the bottom of it. He knew there was something, inkling at the back of his mind, something dark that he didn't want to remember but he knew, eventually there would be no choice.

Cold Creek had been advertised as being the get away of get away, an extremely small city with all the perks of a small town. There was an amusement park called Starlight Express, five hotels, six motels, quaint little shops and anything else you could possibly imagine. It was beautiful here, especially the lake and everyone was nice, no matter what the fuck your background was. It didn't matter that he had screwed up his life, everyone was on the verge of hugging him.

He sat in the bar, not drinking anything too hard. Just rum and coke. He didn't like beer, never had and he would have preferred wine but he could take what he could get. He didn't plan on getting drunk either, especially when he was already high. It had never been a good combo for him. He lit up a cigarette, feeling the urge to pull up his hood but his therapist had said he needed to stop hiding. Something he constantly did without realizing it. Right now, he felt exposed being out in the open. He thought if anyone saw his face, they'd see what a screw up he was. They'd be able to read it in his eyes.

He sipped at his drink, taking a puff and exhaling. He also needed to socialize, he had been a recluse for the last six months. Trying to avoid the fall out with Jennifer and not wanting to see his friends who constantly asked if he was okay, because he fucking wasn't. He'd probably never be okay again.

He ran a hand through his hair, hands brushing against the side of his buzzed scalp. Tomorrow, he'd go to the amusement park. Maybe, he'd try and make a brief friend there.


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